poster biennial


david voss - 2017

David Voss runs a studio in Leipzig together with Ondine Pannet. It has the simple name Bureau David Voss. The studio's focus is conceptual design. They create visual identities, books, magazines and exhibition design for museums and cultural institutions such as Museum for Contemporary Art Leipzig and Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Prior to the establishing a office on its own, David Voss worked for studios in Berlin, Munich and New York City.


He is also involved in teaching at several universities in Germany and did lectures and workshops at festivals abroad like 26th International Biennial of Graphic Design, Brno and Cultural Industries Fair, Shenzhen.


David Voss has repeatedly been published and exhibited both nationally and internationally and has won several awards, thus as „Golden Bee Award“ at Global Biennale of Graphic Design, Moscow.

This year his work is on display at STA 100 – Society of Typographic Arts, Chicago; BICeBé – Biennial of Poster Bolivia; Touch – Hong Kong International Poster Triennial; 100 Best Posters of Austria, Germany & Switzerland.


christopher scott- 2017

Christopher Scott is an internationally recognised social awareness poster designer. Born in Northern Ireland, he received both a bachelors and a masters degree in Design and Communication from the University of Ulster, Magee.


The concepts of his posters are paramount to his visuals, and his work communicates strong and meaningful messages with humanity at the core of his designs.


Scott has been recognised by many organisations such as Poster for Tomorrow, Good50x70, Mut Zur Wut, Designboom, Adobe Design Achievement Awards and he received a silver medal in the International Design Awards and also 2 Gold awards at Graphis in United States.

His work has been exhibited in Mexico, Russia, Ecuador, Germany, Poland, Italy, Peru, Korea, the United States and many more countries worldwide, including the Louvre in Paris, France. He has been a member of multiple international juries and he is also the President and Founder of the Ecuador Poster Bienal, Co-Founder of Poster Poster and the Founder of Designers Speak.


Currently he is a Professor of Graphic Design at the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial.

dalton maag - 2017

Dalton Maag is a team of over fifty people. We are type designers, font engineers, creative directors, software engineers, and support staff, spanning over twenty nationalities and speaking over a dozen languages.


We’ve handled type projects of all shapes and sizes, from sizeable and complex custom fonts for global brands, to one-off logo refinements for stand-alone campaigns.


We have worked with brands across every industry sector and have developed versatile, long-lasting, multi-script font families that perform reliably in print, on desktop, in app and on mobile.

Our finely-crafted library of off-the-shelf typefaces has brought distinction to logotypes, character to body copy, and clarity to communications in over 100 languages for over 25 years. Free licences are available online for testing, pitching, and academic purposes.


carlos zamora - 2015

Zamora graduated from Havana Design Institute (ISDi) in 2000 and worked for four years in prestigious cultural organizations in Havana, Cuba. In 2004 he immigrated to Quito, Ecuador and later arrived in the U.S. in 2006. He lives in the 19th century Victorian neighborhood of Lafayette Square near downtown St. Louis, with his wife Juliana, daughters Aitana and Lucía, and a dog named Luna.


His early professional endeavors in Cuba included The Office of Historical Restoration for Old Havana, Alicia Alonso's National Ballet of Cuba, Casa de las Américas, Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba and cigar company Habanos S.A. Between 2000 and 2004 he served as Art Director for the magazines: Opus Habana, Gaceta de Cuba, Anales del Caribe, Cuba en el Ballet and Conjunto. Magazines, book covers and posters resumed his professional life in Havana.


As a cold war kid born in 1976, his work was profoundly influenced by the cultural impact of the Soviet Union in his childhood during the 80’s. Russian cartoons,

communist propaganda, political art and literature conformed a socially-committed perspective towards art and design. Fatherhood, bilingualism and the contradictions between his upbringing and his life in the U.S. also shape his work.


In 2003 he met a ballerina, that would later become his wife, and he followed her to Ecuador in 2004. Two years in South America gave him a family and a suitcase full of posters. He arrived in St. Louis in 2006, worked briefly at the global PR firm Fleishman Hillard, before joining the retail design firm, Kiku Obata  & Company, where he worked for seven years as a Sr. Graphic Designer. Retail gave him a holistic perspective on design experience beyond the bi-dimensional world. Working with architects, urbanologists and interior designers his design and illustration skills, helped to craft a sense of place and sophisticated brand experiences.


Currently, he works as a Creative Director at Express Scripts -a Fortune 20 company that makes the use of prescription  drugs safer and more affordable to people.

eli and stephanie hall - 2013

Steph is the serif to my sans. Her  work ethic in  design is only  overshadowed by her talent. A dangerous mixture of punk citizen. Her design is consistently strong. She pushes hard but never ignoring  her  moral compass. With this king of vigor 2of2 will enjoy the big breaths of life.



Eli posses the optimal combination of wisdom and curiosity. He is the most talented educator I've ever met, and moreover. One hell of a designer. His vision is often aims to transform the given reality into a new  one. There is not another person with whom I would rather share ideas.